The Alcyon Center - Cultivating Beauty in the Desert

Autumn 2020  Welcome to The Alcyon Center

We walk in solidarity with the suffering awakening world and hold each of you closely.  We plant and pray for the seeds of clear-seeing,  truth-telling and new thinking that are being sown and tended by a rising tide of humanity--led in this moment by the fierce hearts and voices of our black and brown sisters and brothers.

We are open in pared down ways, for those who wish to join us in the hard work of awakening, rebirthing and growing courage for our times. Join us in one of these ways as we take up our prayer and work for the sake of the world.

  • Oct 29-Nov 1 Mapping Culture and Soul (last Cornerstone Course for 2020)
  • Simple and Silent Personal Retreats:  Oct 14-18;  Nov 18-22, Dec 9-13
  • Nov 6 Soul Friends for Women
  • Fall Volunteer Work Days--email for details
  • Nov 30-Dec 4 The Beauty of Silence
  • Dec 11 Soul Friends for Women
  • December 31 Outdoor Labyrinth Walk and Hot Cider

About The Alcyon Center   --  Located on Mount Desert Island on the edge of Seal Cove, Maine, we are an experiment in practicing community, spiritual hospitality and theological study for our times.  At root, we follow a countercultural notion that Silence encountered in the depth of the human heart is healing medicine for the world.  Alcyon programs explore contemplative paths for our times and are invitations to think about and serve the world in new ways.

With blessings from ever-changing Seal Cove,

Kathryn Booth and Joan Jordan Grant, directors

June 2020 News from the Cove coming soon.

April 2020 ~ for our impressions of these times, read:
Being Still Alycon, Beauty in the Desert, Sanctifying Times

The Alcyon Center is an experience of being welcomed, body, soul and spirit into the life of a small, practicing contemplative community.

The vision for the Center is rooted in a desire for bold and practical ways to meet the spiritual hunger of our times.