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paypal give buttonThank you for considering a gift to The Alcyon Center Annual Fund. We love checks but we're happy to have you make a donation online here...just click on the bench in the box to the right or on the link below!  Please note: to give, you do not have to join PayPal. Just look for the note near the bottom of the page and click "continue".

What does your support do?

Your support lets us breathe and create space for the silence, listening, study, planning and waiting that is the foundation for all we do.  Thank you for seeing that this laboratory of spiritual community makes a contribution, using William Stringfellow's words, to 'enacting a fearful hope for society'.

With blessings from the cove, and gratitude for your presence and support,
Kathryn E. Booth, Joan Jordan Grant and the Board of Directors



P.S. And a ' few words' shared by our guests:

The work we do at Alcyon brings me into the depths of myself and helps me to see how those depths are related to the world. The grounds are filled with subtle beauty. I am seeing more and is a unique and sacred place.

~Mark Cevoli

Alcyon is a piece of native ground for me. I come to embrace my clearest sense of the world and of myself and to accept there is much I do not know or understand.

~Judy Mullins

I came to Alcyon weary of my own daily tasks and life. I left with some new practices and a desire to perform my own daily tasks with reverence. It has been a half year, and I do indeed live my days with more reverence.

~Malcolm Brooks