Tea in the Dark — smudge studio

Jul 31-Aug 2 —Jamie Kruse & Elizabeth Ellsworth of smudge studio co- create tea practices for the Anthropocene.

Two nights, $510

We will experience tea as a contemplative medium of hospitality, ecological co-existence, and ethical action. We will prepare, share, and drink tea as a skillful means for drawing vital nourishment from elements of our world that compose and sustain us as embodied beings: air, water, earth, fire, time, interconnection.

smudge studio is a collaboration between Jamie Kruse and Elizabeth Ellsworth founded in 2005.  We locate our work in the midst of the material upheavals of the contemporary moment, where we pause to perform local, ephemeral, unrepeatable acts of hospitality. Using various media, we connect daily life practices to vast, generative forces of cosmological change. We take this to be a vital aesthetic-ecological act.