Alcyon Cornerstone Courses --Rebuilding Hearts and Culture Together

Join Alcyon Directors Joan and Kathryn (and their guests) for one, two or three of our foundational courses

Revering and revealing the sacred in our world -- we become community.

In these course we take up what is needed to create centers that can hold — in ourselves and for the renewal of culture.

Three courses, $1500 (or $650 each); three nights, single room. Limit 10 people per course. REGISTER BELOW.

May 28-31 or Aug 27-30      Portal of Sacred Text

Sacred texts offer maps for navigating life—but how to bring them alive for modern souls? We take up five texts through inquiry and inner exploration in order to meet their beauty and power.
Faculty: Joan Jordan Grant and Kathryn Booth

Sacred texts offer maps for navigating life in a world thirsting for living touchstones of meaning and virtue. Hebrew and Christian Scriptures, as well as some contemporary poetry, are the sacred texts chosen for this course. This course is a doorway through which we meet these texts as sacred stories of experiential truths, stories that communicate real power from the spiritual world by which we can more fully live.

Reading sacred text as a spiritual practice is one element of an intentional, self-examined inner life. This course grounds the practice in two ancient traditions of sacred reading: lectio divina (from the contemplative Christian tradition) and pardes (from the contemplative Jewish tradition). Lively inquiry and dialogue will help open doors!

Jun 25-28 or Sep 24-27      Silence, Heart & Earth

Finding the courage to face the world with soul asks us to learn a new stance. A series of simple soul practices brings us to open-hearted presence to the stones, the plants, each other and the future.
Faculty: Kathryn Booth and Elizabeth Leuthner

In 1919 Irish poet W.B. Yeats wrote  “Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold”—an experience that is now our own.   Silence Heart and Earth works with key questions about the doorways leading to new spiritual culture for our times and through an incremental sequence of simple soul practices we begin by:

  • learning where our attention is
  • encountering Silence in embodied ways
  • discovering and forming soul capacities of the heart
  • seeing through to the hidden and open themes of soul life
  • paying attention to the edges of culture and how we suffer with addiction, dying, soul wounding
  • asking questions, bearing with, and befriending ‘not-knowing’

Jul 23-26 or Oct 29-Nov 1      Mapping Culture & Soul

Noting the slow disappearance of the sacred we ask what’s missing from current cultural maps—and then reimagine our life stories and the world, planting seeds and seeing choices for the future.
Faculty: Barbara Booth and Kathryn Booth

Knowing who we are, where we stand, and where we are going gives us coordinates for navigating the modern world. It also makes it possible to imagine something new—a world that awaits our co-creation. Re-mapping history, theology, culture and politics occurs in every age. Before we start our own mapmaking, we’ll work with some guiding thoughts about cartography (map-making) and begin to ask questions:

  • What maps have we been using?
  • Who and what is missing from our maps?
  • How can maps help us read the ever-changing story of world civilization?
  • What unseen and hidden cultural worlds can be revealed in maps?

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