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Silent Week in Community - Dec 2-6

This retreat is devoted to those who wish to grow in intimacy with God in prayer.

We will explore five, essential “spaces” of the Holy we come to know embodied through the practice of contemplative prayer: our intention, grounding, awareness, presence and silence. Over the course of the week, we will employ brief readings, classical and contemporary, on each of these dimensions of prayer, with questions to stimulate our inquiry and dialogue. (Participants are encouraged to bring readings they have found helpful to their practice.)

Each day will consist of five, 25-minute periods of silent sitting and walking and/or moving meditation (gentle tai chi), as well as eating most meals in silence and keeping silence through most of the day and night. Each afternoon, there will be two hours of free time and the opportunity for individual spiritual direction for those who would like this.

Each morning, we will devote 90 minutes to prayerful conversation using the model of group spiritual direction in which each participant will explore with others the growing edge of her or his practice with regard to one the five spaces above, as well as support one another in our whole life of prayer. (Because participants may not have prior experience of group spiritual direction, we will go over the process at the beginning of the retreat.)

The intention is for each of us to become more gently conscious of our journey into Holy Silence by bringing our awareness to bear for deepening our prayer while supporting one another’s.

Faculty: Eric Erickson

Four nights, single room, $650. Limit 8 people.




Past Programs This Year

Yoga and Contemplation: Ancient Methods for Modern Times - a Women's Weekend - Apr 12-14

These times enjoin us to return to consciousness – to recover our relationship with Silence, Heart, Earth, and each other. Through contemplative Silence & Heart practices and yoga postures, we’ll turn attention deeply toward what is calling us – and listen. No previous yoga experience necessary. The weekend is open to all who yearn to deepen their inner life to be of better service in the world.

Cost: $150-200 sliding scale based on your means. Two nights, shared rooms, meals and tuition included. Please complete all the questions and register at least two weeks prior to the program or retreat. We will need your email address so we can send you a copy of your registration form.

Guest Teachers: Liz Leuthner and Pauline McNeil

Two nights, $150-200 sliding scale based on need.


Alcyon Sampler Weekends NEW IN 2019 - May 3-4; Aug 2-3; Nov 1-2

Come for a Friday overnight Alcyon experience—joining as you wish in Quiet Day, Soul Friends, morning sit and conversation, spiritual direction and labyrinth walk. Each Sampler will focus on a theme, with readings and questions sent to guests prior to arrival.  Guests are invited to extend their stay by arriving Thursday evening and/or staying through til Sunday morning. 

with Alcyon Directors Joan Jordan Grant and Kathryn Booth

One to three nights, $75 per night


Portal of Sacred Text - May 9-12 or Aug 29-Sep 1 A Cornerstone Course in spiritual practice, learn more here.

In a world filled with texts, what place do we reserve for sacred texts? With heart and soul we engage stories of the Hebrew and Christian traditions as spiritual practice —listening for what’s true, deep and healing for our times.

Faculty: Joan Jordan Grant, Kathryn Booth, and Guests  Note:  Guests at the Aug 29-Sep 1 course are welcome to stay til Labor Day. 

3 nights, $650, includes single room, full board and tuition.  Limit 10 people. (Cost if all three Cornerstone Courses are taken, $1500)


Being with Silence, Heart & Earth - Jun 13-16 or Sep 26-29  A Cornerstone Course in spiritual practice, learn more here.

Aligning our hearts with the rhythms of silence and earth prepares us to walk in our wounded world with empathic interest. How do we bring a more grounded, attentive presence to the world? Finding the courage to face the world with soul is our aim.

Faculty: Kathryn Booth and Liz Leuthner

3 nights, $650, includes single room, full board and tuition.  Limit 10 people. (Cost if all three Cornerstone Courses are taken, $1500)


Island and Ocean as Sacred Text - Aug 5-9

Island granite lies about, exposed and weathered, hidden and waiting. When we walk on her or paddle over her we hear her wisdom – if we are listening with atten-tion. We will practice such intentional listening for a few days of island exploration. Medium level hiking and paddling.

Faculty: Joan Jordan Grant and Guests

1 to 4 nights, $150/night single room, limit 8 people. Commuters welcome, $40/day includes lunch.








Cornerstone Courses in Spiritual Practice

Three courses taken over the course of a year offer interconnecting foundational practices that create and deepen new soul capacities for healing and service. 

Three courses, $1500, taken in any order you choose.

One or two courses may be taken alone, $650 each.

Each course includes three nights, single room, full board and tuition. Limit 10 people per course.

May 9-12            Cornerstone Training 1: The Portal of Sacred Text
June 13-16   Cornerstone Training 2: Being with Silence, Heart & Earth
July 25-28   Cornerstone Training 3: Mapping Culture with Soul
Aug 29-Sep 1   Cornerstone Training 1: The Portal of Sacred Text
Sep 26-29   Cornerstone Training 2: Being with Silence, Heart & Earth
Oct 24-27   Cornerstone Training 3: Mapping Culture with Soul


Portal of Sacred Text

Sacred texts offer maps for navigating life in a world thirsting for living touchstones of meaning and virtue. Hebrew and Christian Scriptures, as well as some contemporary poetry, are the sacred texts chosen for this course. This course is a doorway through which we meet these texts as sacred stories of experiential truths, stories that communicate real power from the spiritual world by which we can more fully live.

Reading sacred text as a spiritual practice is one element of an intentional, self-examined inner life. This course grounds the practice in two ancient traditions of sacred reading: lectio divina (from the contemplative Christian tradition) and pardes (from the contemplative Jewish tradition). Lively inquiry and dialogue will help open doors!



Being with Silence, Heart & Earth

In 1919 Irish poet W.B. Yeats wrote  “Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold”—an experience that is now our own.  Engaging Silence Heart and Earth works with key questions about the doorways leading to new spiritual culture for our times: 

  • who is Silence and where does Silence live
  • how is Heart a sense and spiritual organ of Love
  • who is Earth and what is Earth teaching

Through an incremental sequence of simple soul practices we begin by:

  • learning where our attention is
  • encountering silence
  • discovering and forming soul capacities of the heart
  • seeing through to the hidden and open themes of soul life
  • paying attention to the edges of culture and how we suffer with addiction, dying, soul wounding
  • asking questions, bearing with, and befriending ‘not-knowing’



Mapping Culture with Soul

Knowing who we are, where we stand, and where we are going gives us coordinates for navigating the modern world. It also makes it possible to imagine something new—a world that awaits our co-creation. Re-mapping history, theology, culture and politics occurs in every age. Before we start our own mapmaking, we’ll work with some guiding thoughts about cartography (map-making) and begin to ask questions:

  • What maps have we been using?
  • Who and what is missing from our maps?
  • How can maps help us read the ever-changing story of world civilization?
  • What unseen and hidden cultural worlds can be revealed in maps?

Then we will get to work as spiritual cartographers, making maps that show us who we are and where we are going in new light. No special talent or skills are needed, guidance will be offered.