Alcyon Artists in Residence

2018 Inaugural Artist in Residence at Alcyon: Heidi Daub

In celebration of the beauty of the first ten years at Alcyon, we created an Artist in Residence program to give individual artists (or a team of collaborative artists) space and time to be with the cove, spruce, trails, birds, lichen and the magnificence of Silence, Earth and Heart as they reign here.

Our name Alcyon comes from the Latin name for the Belted Kingfisher (the full story is on the website)—and the kingfishers who inhabit the cove bring with them the gift of transformation to all who dwell here.


heididaubpaintingHeidi Daub (b. 1960) is our first 2018 Artist in Residence, Feb 5-12, 2018. Blue Hill, Maine painter, poet and musician, her paintings—portals to that 'other world' that beckons moment by moment—have hung in our Alcyon community room at the center from since we opened as a year-round center in 2008.

My paintings evolve from an introspection, coming out of an awareness, a sense. This remembering, this stilling, is where I go in my creative work. By opening to this reception, I am attempting to find form, color and movement to express what we cannot describe, but we feel; like divine, the deep forest place, water’s essence, or the complexity and simplicity of love. 


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